My name is Melissa Schreur. I’m an independent life insurance professional that specializes in helping military families protect their home front. My passion is to make sure our military heroes and their families are insured with the proper life insurance plan. Active duty, spouses and veterans all have unique insurance challenges they are facing and that is why I specialize in serving them.

Most of us have people in our lives that depend on us in some way, shape or form. Dependence does not always have to be financial. My job is to have a candid conversation with you and help you see just what kind of life your family will have if you, the hero, dies prematurely without proper insurance.

My #1 priority is to make sure we get the heroes of your household insured right in a way that best suits your current budget. Military families are eligible for special plans that offer lower rates and avoid common war or occupation exclusions. Get started shopping my top rated carriers today! Always feel free to reach out to me via phone, email or this contact form. I’m happy to help!